Since October 2017, I am working as a visiting scientist of the Astrophysics Group at the University of Crete, which is located in Heraklion in the magnificent island of Crete.

This website serves practically as a personal (collective) online log/notebook about my whereabouts in Astronomy, occupying most of my everyday(/night) life. However, starting around the beginning of 2017, I decided to include (with time) some more stuff from other activities (I am not just an astrophysicist! 🙂 ).

Feel free to tour around and you may find something interesting or useful perhaps, if not … what the frak … nobody is perfect!


— I do not have a fixed position but I can be found at the Physics Department of the University of Crete, office 2Γ46.
— After 2 months from the initial rumors, LIGO/VIRGO and other observatories admitted that the first ever detection of a gravitational wave event GW170817 and its electromagnetic counterpart (SSS17a). The papers, in which I contributed, were published today at Science:
Light curves of the neutron star merger GW170817/SSS17a: Implications for r-process nucleosynthesis and Early spectra of the gravitational wave source GW170817: Evolution of a neutron star merger
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In October 2017, I returned to Crete and since then I am working on a number of projects related with massive stars, X-ray binaries, and stellar clusters.

Previously, I spend 9 months working at the Institute for Physics and Astronomy, of the University of Valaparaiso, Chile with Michel Curé, and 2.5 years as a post-doc researcher at Stellar Physics Department of the Astronomical Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences with Michaela Kraus. My main focus had been massive stars and, in particular, how they lose mass in specific evolutionary phases (such as yellow hypergiants, B[e] supergiants, luminous blue variables) and form their environment.

I obtained my PhD in September 2014 from the Physics Department of the University of Crete (Heraklion, Greece) under the guidance of Andreas Zezas, working on High-Mass X-ray Binaries in the Small Magellanic Cloud and our Galaxy.

> My research is in Observational Astrophysics, with focus on massive stars, x-ray binaries, variable stars, stellar populations in different environments, exoplanets
> Other interests include Professional-Amateur networking and collaborations, and Openness in Astronomy.


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ORCID 0000-0002-0891-7564 | ResearcherID S-5054-2017
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Department of Physics,
University of Crete,
GR-71003, Heraklion, Crete, Greece

Office: 2Γ46
Phone: +30-2810-394252



Night view of the Ondrejov Observatory.