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While doing photometry in some rather large images with DAOPHOT, the allstar I experienced a panic from IRAF: PANIC in `/iraf/iraf/noao/bin.linux/x_daophot.e’: Memory has been corrupted By googling the exact error I hit on this post in (#136679) where the problem presented was exactly the same. The solution is simple to change the cache parameter […]

Ok, I may be outdated regarding my Ubuntu version, but there are two reasons for this (fairly good from my point of view!): (i) I did not like the appearance of Ubuntu 11, and (ii) I have everything set up working in 10.10 than I do not want to change (at least before I finish […]

THELI is package for the automated reduction of astronomical imaging data. One of the prerequisite is Python 2.5 or higher (as THELI uses numerous shell and Python scripts). As I had already installed Scisoft 7.5 (with Python 2.5) I though that everything was ok. I started using THELI and indeed no problem up to the […]

Log and awk

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When using the log function of awk, then what we get as a result is the natural logarithmic of the input, like: …$ awk ‘BEGIN{print log(100)}’ …$ 4.60517 So in order to obtain the logarithm of base 10 (or any other base), we just need to divide the result with the logarithm of the base, […]

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Tables format for imwcs

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In order to use the imwcs command, like in this example: imwcs -wvd -c -h 100 -t 10 -q i image.fits we need to insert the two tables, as the photometric catalog from the image (based on a rough detection), and, as the catalog which we cross-correlate (reference catalog). But there […]