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WhereIsM13 and .jar files

WhereIsM13 is a great 3d visualization application of deep sky objects! You can see where these objects lie in our Galaxy along with their physical properties. There are different download options according to the operating system. For linux users download the .zip version which includes a .jar file that can be run by double clicking […]

William Parsons – first direct observation of spirals

William Parsons, was the first to notice spirals in a galaxy. His first scetch was the M51 (Whirlpool Galaxy) in 1845. More on William Parsons: > Wikipedia > A list of photos & discoveries > Drawings

Useful astronomical numbers

Just some useful numbers and units to remember and to have an easy access to! [last updated: 29 Dec 2011] >> Distance 1 AU = 150 x 106 km 1 pc = 3.09 × 1013 km = 206260 AU = 3.26 ly 1 ly = 9.4 x 1012 km = 64 x 103 = 0.31 […]