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ATel #12237: A B1-2e optical classification for the optical counterpart of XTE J0052-723 (SXP 4.78; Swift J005139.2-721704)

Building upon our previous ATel #12224 we managed to obtain an optical spectrum of the counterpart. The full text follows: ATel #12237; G. Maravelias (NOA), V. Antoniou (TTU/SAO), K. Boutsia (LCO), A. Zezas (UoC/SAO), A. Z. Bonanos (NOA), F. Haberl (MPE), D. Hatzidimitriou (UoA/NOA) on 21 Nov 2018; 23:36 UT / In ATel #12224 we […]

Selected sky lines

A list of sky lines that can be found in spectra (read … handy sky lines!): wavelength (in Å): 5577.3 ( > 5579) 5893 ( > 5890, 5896) 6300.3 6363.8 (1/3 of 6300.3) An excellent and very convenient tool to find and plot the sky lines from 3140 – 10430 can be found at vizier, […]

Selected optical spectral lines

A small (but growing) list of selected (read handy!) optical lines: element wavelength(Å) [NeV] 3346 [NeV] 3426 [OII] 3727 [NeIII] 3869 [NeIII] 3967 Hε 3970 [SII] 4072 Hδ 4101 Ca I 4226 Hγ 4340 [OIII] 4363 HeI 4471 HeII 4686 Hβ 4861 [OIII] 4959 [OIII] 5007 [NI] 5199 [FeVII] 5721 [NII] 5755 HeI 5876 [FeVII] […]