4th Panhellenic Meeting of Amateur Astronomers in Parnonas

The 4th Panhellenic Meeting of Amateur Astronomers took place in a magnificent area, at the mountain refugee of the Mountaineering Club of Sparta at Mt. Parnonas. The place is located at ~1400m with a huge field working as the best place to park cars and set up all the necessary equipment. Moreover, the area around is full of trees and a fantastic place for camping. More or less 415 people gathered, more than 100 telescopes, 3 nigths of clear unobstructed dark skies, 6 observational workshops (participating in 2 of them: variable star observations and optical observation methodology of meteors) and some talks, and other activities (great for MTB!!) were enough to satisfy even the most demanding person. The organizing commitee did a great jod and managed to fulfill all the needs (both astrononomical and personal).

More available only in greek but no need of language to see photos.

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