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Month: <span>September 2010</span>

Month: September 2010

Exif meta editing

If you want to mess with the exif headers of your pictures there are a couple (not only of course!) of useful tools: >> jhead (for jpeg images) >> exiftool (supporting many different file formats).

Using wine

The command to start a program through wine from terminal or through a shortcut is: env WINEPREFIX=”/home/user/.wine” wine “C:/somefolder/name.exe” The wine is a open source simulator to run windows software under linux (and others).

Welcome (again) …

to a new and more serious attempt* to build a site about my personal work on Astronomy, a long-time hobby that became a demanding job since June 2010! Mainly, the blog will work as a personal notebook where you may (or may not!) find something useful. You will be able …