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Reverse axis in matplotlib’s plot

Posted January 28, 2011 By grigoris

Ok, maybe this post is not that important but it is one of the things that, although they seem so simple, you struggle to find the answer. After having downloaded matplotlib (a powerful library for 2D plots) my first plot through python was a success. But since I was plotting magnitudes I wanted the axis […]

Book – Skinakas Observatory: A view at the Universe

Posted January 27, 2011 By grigoris

A great new book is available for the Crete Univesrity Press, Skinakas Observatory: A view at the Universe (language: Greek). It is a photo tour around the Universe through magnificent images obtained from the 1.3m telescope of Skinakas Observatory. Contents: Introduction / Skinakas Observatory: a short historical review / Skinakas: a great astronomical location / […]

A video made for the Astrophysics group of Crete, presenting the activities of the group (in Greek language only).

AAO’s Configure – fiber arrangement for AAOmega

Posted January 21, 2011 By grigoris

AAOmega is one of the instruments of Anglo-Australian Observatory. It is a multi-purpose, bench mounted, fibre fed, double-beam spectrograph with two main observing modes: i. Multiple-object spectroscopy using the existing 2dF top, ii. Integral field spectroscopy at Cassegrain focus. In order to use the multiple-object mode you need to know which fiber goes where. Configure […]

The AAOmega spectrograph of Anglo-Australian Observatory uses the 2dfdr v4 data redution package (version 4 removes most dependencies on STARLINK packages, earlier version will need also the STARLINK to be installed, so it is not recommended). After downloading the necessary file (ftp and get 2dfdr-linux_x86_RH_5_3-4.0.tgz) you just need to set an environment variable and run […]