Installing AAOmega’s data reduction program – 2dfdr

The AAOmega spectrograph of Anglo-Australian Observatory uses the 2dfdr v4 data redution package (version 4 removes most dependencies on STARLINK packages, earlier version will need also the STARLINK to be installed, so it is not recommended).

After downloading the necessary file (ftp and get 2dfdr-linux_x86_RH_5_3-4.0.tgz) you just need to set an environment variable and run the setup script (see also the CookBook):

setenv DRCONTROL_DIR /home/pathtoprogram/2dfdr-linux_x86_RH_5_3
source $DRCONTROL_DIR/2dfdr_setup

[or else edit the ~/.tcshrc file with the above commands in order to have available the program each time you invoke the shell].

So, to start the processing you just have to get to your working directory where there is a set of observations with a particular field plate and type

drcontrol aaomega.idx &

which selects defaults for AAOmega (for more options see CookBook and the v4’s page).

Some times (if not all the times) an extra library is needed: libg2c0, a library needed for GNU Fortran 77 applications linked against the shared library.

In the case of the 32bit machine you just find the the appropriate package containing the library and install it (through any covenient terminal or graphical way).

In the case of 64bit machine the same library has to be downloaded and used, as 2dfdr is a 32bit program. Download the i386 package but this time extract (NOT install) the files (details on extraction from .deb or .rpg files here). Copy (or move) the extracted files to /usr/lib32 directory and you are done! Installing a 64bit version of the library will not solve the problem.

Happy data processing !

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