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An amazing picture was published at the APOD today ! It shows all 1235 candidate planets discovered by Kepler in the same relative scale along with the Sun (top right … the lonely star) with the silhouettes of Earth and Jupiter. Somebody has to search deep in the high resolution image to spot the planets […]

Installing IRAF on Ubuntu

Posted March 21, 2011 By grigoris

Installing IRAF can always be a huge problem. Many pages exist explaining all the necessary steps to install it but I have never tried to follow these (like Rubab’s tutorials for 32 and 64 bit Ubuntu/Debian, Michael Hutchinson’s tutorial for 64 bit Ubuntu – these tutorials explain how to install 32 bit IRAF in 64 […]

Including IRAF tasks in Python scripts

Posted March 17, 2011 By grigoris

What do you get if you combine IRAF and Python ? Of course something that starts with Py and ends with RAF, PyRAF, which combines IRAF’s tasks with the Python’s command (allowing to create more sophisticated scripts than the cl ones). But in order to implement these abilities in a python script you have to […]