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Common commands of Scisoft and Starlink

Posted May 5, 2011 By grigoris

Scisoft includes a number of Starlink programs but not all. So perhaps someone (in this case me!) needs to run something that it is not included in the Scisoft (like DIPSO). So, nothing wrong to go on and install both. But in this case that someone has to be careful not to mix the commands. […]

Installing Starlink

Posted May 5, 2011 By grigoris

Installing and running Starlink is pretty much straightforward. Firstly, get the latest release (Namaka, when this post was written) and extract the file wherever you want. Then select which shell you want to use and follow the post-installation run-up or the info given below (supposing it was downloaded and extracted in /home/user/soft/star-namaka/). Bash case: Open […]