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Closest O type stars

Posted December 29, 2011 By grigoris

Reading the book of F.D. Seward and P.A. Charles, “Exploring the X-ray Universe”, I found out some really massive and luminous O type stars that are close by and can be pointed out easily at the night sky: star distance (kpc) magnitude (V) spectral type ζ Pup 0.44 2.3 O4If δ Ori 0.5 2.2 O9.5II […]

Note on how to make multiple plots with pylab

Posted December 20, 2011 By grigoris

iPython is a great tool to work with Python interactively, imitating a MatLab environment especially when running with matplotlib and numpy [the pylab module, all can be automatically imported by starting pylab like: ipython –pylab]. So you can use it to load data and start playing around with them. Although I like to script more […]

About licensing

Posted December 11, 2011 By grigoris

Stumbled upon the various different licenses I though to write down some conclusions (if I really got into any…). A nice comparison table of free software licenses is given in the Wikipedia where it is easily to see which licenses allow: (i) the link with other licenses and (ii) releasing under different license. So, in […]