Updating Scisoft from 7.5 to 7.7 in Fedora 14

Updating Scisoft in Fedora is rather easy (see the installation details). First if we have already a previous installation we can easily remove it by running (as root):

yum remove scisoft-\*

and check that the directory /scisoft has been totally removed (if something extra has been added the we should still see the scisoft directory with all the extras inside).
Then, we follow the same steps as the first time (for example see this installation notes). Since we are updating then the repository file should already exist. We don’t have anything more to do than just to edit the file /etc/yum.repos.d/scisoft.repo and edit the line containing the baseurl:


Actually we just replace …7.5/… with …7.7/… . Then we install the scisoft normally:

yum clean all
yum install scisoft-\*

and everything should be just fine!

NOTE: during this installation only the scisoft-idllib-7.7.0-0.i386 was not installed due to the lack of scisoft-idl. And that’s … because it is not included (along with SuperMongo) as they are paid versions.
The installation can be skipped by using — skip-broken (after all, no need for IDL since we get Python 2.7.2 and Matplotlib 1.1.0!!!).

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