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Panic with DAOPHOT’s allstar job

Posted January 30, 2013 By grigoris

While doing photometry in some rather large images with DAOPHOT, the allstar I experienced a panic from IRAF: PANIC in `/iraf/iraf/noao/bin.linux/x_daophot.e’: Memory has been corrupted By googling the exact error I hit on this post in (#136679) where the problem presented was exactly the same. The solution is simple to change the cache parameter […]

Replacing repositories for old Ubuntu versions

Posted January 28, 2013 By grigoris

Ok, I may be outdated regarding my Ubuntu version, but there are two reasons for this (fairly good from my point of view!): (i) I did not like the appearance of Ubuntu 11, and (ii) I have everything set up working in 10.10 than I do not want to change (at least before I finish […]

THELI and Python – when you don’t think enough…

Posted January 22, 2013 By grigoris

THELI is package for the automated reduction of astronomical imaging data. One of the prerequisite is Python 2.5 or higher (as THELI uses numerous shell and Python scripts). As I had already installed Scisoft 7.5 (with Python 2.5) I though that everything was ok. I started using THELI and indeed no problem up to the […]

Log and awk

Posted January 10, 2013 By grigoris

When using the log function of awk, then what we get as a result is the natural logarithmic of the input, like: …$ awk ‘BEGIN{print log(100)}’ …$ 4.60517 So in order to obtain the logarithm of base 10 (or any other base), we just need to divide the result with the logarithm of the base, […]

Tables format for imwcs

Posted January 8, 2013 By grigoris

In order to use the imwcs command, like in this example: imwcs -wvd -c -h 100 -t 10 -q i image.fits we need to insert the two tables, as the photometric catalog from the image (based on a rough detection), and, as the catalog which we cross-correlate (reference catalog). But there […]