Regarding THELI installation

THELI is package for the automated reduction of astronomical imaging data. After a first installation it was running fine but it was failing to produce the png check plots (used to check if the solution found is reasonable or not). Although the xml file was created it was not enough to check (as the solution for our data was good but not perfect). So, something was missing…

After reinstalling THELI I did noticed the output message at the end, stating that the PLPLOT library should be recompiled with png support. This was done (with the help of the Giannis K from the UoC computer support – plplot-cairo version), but still THELI was not plotting anything. One last attempt was to reinstall THELI, as now the png support of PLPLOT was there beforehand. And you guess right… it was working! So, PLPLOT with png support is a prerequisite for THELI to install properly. If you do it afterwards it has no implication as it does not compile with THELI when installing.

Last action was to download the latest version of SCAMP (preferable the .rpm package) and install it. This is installed as a binary under /usr/bin/ directory but THELI needs a copy under its own directory. So, simply you can make a soft link inside THELI’s directory to /usr/bin/scamp:

...$ ln -s /home/user/pathto/THELI/theli/bin/Linux/ /usr/bin/scamp

and THELI will run smoothly (finally)!!!

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