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Horizontal lines in MetRec

Horizontal lines in MetRec

I was disturbed to notice numerous horizontal lines in the video of my meteor camera (see the MetRec image). At the beginning I was afraid that this was due to the fact that the camera was powered in daylight (even with the possibility that the Sun passed through the fov!).

I asked around to find what was wrong. Fortunately, many people responded to my plea! Most refer to noise of power supply material, like bad connection with the socket, poor power supply, loose wiring, or even grounding issues.

On the contrary Tassos K. told me that this is probable due to the loose connection of the video cable than by any electric device. Indeed when the video cable connection at the pc was checked these lines disappeared.

So, I hope that this was the problem, although I will keep an eye to the power issues also!


UPDATED on 20/Nov/2013
After all it was indeed a grounding issue! The last time I opened the case for the camera I put the ground of the power supply for the case onto the thermal base where the camera is placed (see the green cable higklighted in the red region). After re-placing this cable the camera works without any more lines!


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