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Comet ISON survives! (or not…)

Comet ISON survives! (or not…)

A great gif image[1] of the passage of comet ISON (C/2012 S1) from the Sun, as observed from the SOHO coronagraph!

As the initial image is rather big to upload here (~19MB), I just took some parts of it only, with the most interesting parts.








A systematic campaign has been launched for this comet [2], as it has been believed to be the comet of the century. Although rather disappointing at the beginning it did revived rather unexpectedly before as it was approaching the Sun. Let’s see now what is left and what we will see in the sky. Will it become a naked eye wonder?

[1] SpaceWeather.com
[2] NASA Comet ISON Observing Campaign

UPDATED on 2/Dec/2013:
Although it seemed likely that comet ISON survived its close passage from the Sun, it probable transformed into a small cloud of dust which dissolves fast. After almost 2 days there is almost nothing to see in the images of SOHO.
You can find the updated gif image at SpaceWeather.com



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