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Jupiter paper with amateur images

Jupiter paper with amateur images

A recent paper, discussing radio observations to probe Jupiter’s atmosphere below its visible cloud layers, makes use of images obtained in the visible domain by amateurs (among who is Manos Kardasis).
They investigate ammonia gas from ~0.5 to ~10 bar (almost 100 km deep), and how it is distributed in a 3D “map”. Ammonia is driven from deep in the atmosphere to the upper layers and as it cools down it creates icy clouds, while the remaining air sinks down from regions without ammonia. The various radio bright/dark regions correlate well with features visible in the ir (e.g. 5μm hot spots) and visible (e.g. the Great Red Spot, white ovals), providing a link between these features and their driving mechanisms from within the atmosphere.

Imke de Pater, R. J. Sault, Bryan Butler, David DeBoer, Michael H. Wong
“Peering through Jupiter’s clouds with radio spectral imaging”
Science, 2016, 352, 1198
(links: Science, Berkeley News, The Gurdian)

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