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The (paper-)story of Hen 3-298

Posted May 7, 2017 By grigoris

Similarly to the post for GG Car, I though that it is better to keep a track of all papers I find for my sample. As far as Hen 3-298 (Simbad) the results are not that many! 1966 / Wray, J. D. 1966(PhD thesis, Northwestern University) First detection as an Hα emission star. 1976 / […]

“Vegan” by PEBLO

Posted May 7, 2017 By grigoris


Finally … the Magellanic Clouds by eye!

Posted May 5, 2017 By grigoris

During the last weekend I went hiking – albeit with a company of many astronomers! – a bit outside Santiago (we actually camp at Banos Colina in Cajon del Maipo). The mountain views were impressive, but during night I got another stunning view. As we were relaxing in the thermal pools we were starring the […]