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An IFA-UV seminar talk

An IFA-UV seminar talk

Yesterday, I had finally the opportunity to give a seminar talk at the Instituto de Física y Astronomía de la Universidad de Valparaíso, where I am currently based (and only for about a month more …)

“What have we learned from observations of B[e] Supergiants ?”

B[e] Supergiants are a rare phase among the massive stars, displaying a complex circumstellar environment. However, they may provide an important link to other phases (e.g. the Yellow Hypergiants, the Luminous Blue Variables). Given the importance of massive stars for Stellar Astrophysics and their influence on their host galaxies it is critical to understand their evolution. Starting from an observational point of view, I will provide an overview of the B[e] Supergiants and discuss the latest results.

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