Proper acknowledgments

From a friend with a similar interest in martial arts. He noticed the following acknowledgment (by Zeng & Sasselov 2013, PASP, 125, 227):

We acknowledge partial support for this work by NASA cooperative agreement NNX09AJ50A (Kepler Mission science team).
We would like to thank Michail Petaev and Stein Jacobsen for their valuable comments and suggestions. This research is supported by the National Nuclear Security Administration under the High Energy Density Laboratory Plasmas through DOE grant # DE-FG52-09NA29549 to S. B. Jacobsen (PI) with Harvard University. This research is the authors’ views and not those of the DOE.
Li Zeng would like to thank Professor Pingyuan Li, Li Zeng’s grandfather, in the Department of Mathematics at Chongqing University, for giving Li Zeng important spiritual support and guidance on research. The guidance includes research strategy and approach, methods of solving differential equations and other numeric methods, etc.
Li Zeng would also like to give special thanks to Master Anlin Wang. Master Wang is a Traditional Chinese Kung Fu Master and World Champion. He is also a practitioner and realizer of Traditional Chinese Philosophy of Tao Te Ching, which is the ancient oriental wisdom to study the relation between the universe, nature and humanity. Valuable inspirations were obtained through discussion of Tao Te Ching with Master Wang as well as Qigong cultivation with him.

Personally I find it amazing because it shows the human side of the researchers. Our work does not depend only on the funding scheme! We should be/feel free to credit appropriately what we think.
Plus, I personally sympathize the sentences of the last paragraph …

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