Tough days the last days

A couple of hectic weeks finished on last Friday. After two trips to La Serena to observe from the magnificent facilities at CTIO and LCO (posts still pending since there is an overwhelming amount of photos and videos!), I had an intense week to finalize the paper I am preparing (for some looong time now).

At the same time and during the last week I had to prepare an invited review talk on “The circumstellar structures around B[e] supergiants” at the meeting “Massive Stars in Transition Phases” (Tôravere, Estonia, 11-15 Sep, 2017). I participated remotely that made me to get up at 4am each day, due to the time difference between Estonia and Chile (6 hours).

That alone wouldn’t have been so much of a problem if it wasn’t for a Marie Curie fellowship proposal, with a deadline on the same dates! Thankfully, I had most of all these ready to some extend, but still some fine (or more) tuning was needed.

Preparing for the remote talk: Three monitors, a laptop, and a desktop. Overkill? Possbile, but I split the different functions and it worked great.

After a few days of rest I am back to work, as I have only two and half weeks left before I leave Chile. And there are quite a few things to do …

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