Digitizing (some) older observations of rho Cassiopeia

In the old days observations were not coming in such convenient formats like machine readable tables or though Vizier catalogs. There were written in text within the papers. So, for today’s standards it is a bit frustrating to find data in this format when you need them. The way to digitize them can be automated today but still some manual treatment may be needed.

Anyways…this whole introduction was made to justify somehow this post. I found myself trying to include some data to build a light curve for rho Cassiopeia, and in particular V measurements around its outburst in 1986. Zsoldos & Percy (1991) and Leiker & Hoff (1987) are two papers with about 70-80 observations each. The V magnitudes were given either directly or as a difference with a standard star. I have done all the necessary … eye processing to “copy” all the observations form the two papers to two separate simple ascii files each one containing the Julian Data, the magnitude, and its error (if available).

So, if you ever (..!) find yourself trying to do the same thing, just use the following files ! Enjoy!

Zsoldos & Percy (1991) data | Leiker & Hoff (1987) data

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