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In-person participation at IAUS 361

In-person participation at IAUS 361

Finally after two years of pandemic and two postponements of the IAU Symposium 361: “Massive Stars Near and Far” it was held in Ballyconnell, Ireland in the week of 8-13 May 2022.

It was really a great opportunity. Not only I managed to meet in-person people and collaborators that I met through zoom meetings but actually it was the first time (since 2020) to meet also my colleagues working in the ASSESS project (while some of them for the first time!).

The event was of course a great place to present our latest results. I got the privilege to have a talk about our latest results from the machine-learning classifier we have developed (see this post).

  • Talk: “Introducing the ASSESS project: Episodic Mass Loss in Evolved Massive Stars – Key to Understanding the Explosive Early Universe” – Alceste Bonanos
  • Talk: “Using machine-learning to investigate the populations of dusty evolved stars in various metallicities” – Grigoris Maravelias
  • Poster: “Progenitors and companions of stripped-envelope supernovae” – Manos Zapartas
  • Poster: “Properties of dusty Red Supergiant stars in the Magellanic Clouds” – Stephan de Wit
  • Poster: “ASSESSing evolved massive stars in NGC 6822 and IC 10” – Gonzalo Munoz Sanchez
From left: Grigoris Maravelias, Stephan de Wit, Konstantinos Antoniadis, Frank Tramper, Alceste Bonanos, Manos Zapartas, Gonzalo Munoz Sanchez, Evangelia Christodoulou

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