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Contributions to the 16th Hellenic Astronomical Conference

Contributions to the 16th Hellenic Astronomical Conference

Between 26-28 of July (2023), I managed to participate in-person the 16th Hellenic Astronomical Conference, held in Athens. I personally contributed with one talk and one poster (long gone the days that I would submit two talks!), which was part of the ASSESS group’s contribution with another two talks, and four posters in total!

My talk was based on the collective results from “Investigating the populations of dusty evolved stars in various metallicities with machine learning“, based on a previous iteration presented in IAUS 361 Massive Stars Near and Far (2022, Ireland) and a natural continuation of the machine-learning method classifier.

The poster was on “New B[e] supergiants and candidate Luminous Blue Variables in nearby galaxies from the ASSESS project”, which was recently published.

Both works (as well as the rest of the ASSESS group) are publicly available at zenodo.org (talk, poster).

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