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Tag: <span>astrostatistics summer school crete</span>

Tag: astrostatistics summer school crete

The 2023 Summer School for Astrostatistics in Crete – the announcement

Here comes the announcement of the third (already!) iteration of our Summer School for Astrostatistics in Crete! This is an in-person meeting, as it focus on the practical use of statistics and machine learning in academic research. We will supply all the necessary guidelines through Astronomical problems. Check the website …

The Astrostatistics Summer School 2022 in Crete – the announcement

Following the success of the first Astrostatistics Summer School in Crete in 2019 (18-21 June), we now organize its second iteration (11-15 July). Initially scheduled for 2020, but we all now what happened and it was delayed. Now things to have matured so that we can actually repeat it and …