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Floating point numbers in bash or csh

They just don’t pass through!!

Bash or csh are unable to use floating numbers, as they understand numbers containing decimal point as strings. So, only actions with full numbers can be performed in these shells.

Useful small things for c-shell

> When using if statement in c-shell you have to be careful with the syntax:

if (condition) then

or if you want to add another case then

if (condition) then

Important to remember that after “then” you must continue to a new line.

> “exit” is the one option to work with if statement, since “break” works only with foreach/while

> If you want to assign the output of a command to a variable the \n you have to place this into backticks ` … ` like:
set test = `grep "test text" temp`

While loop in C-shell scripts

When using the while loop in C-shell scripting the usual stucture is:

while (expression)


BUT, you need to add an empty line or a comment after end in order for the loop to work!