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Installing IRAF/PyRAF from the (Debian) repository directly

IRAF has become lately available through Debian‘s repositories. So I was curious to see how it works. But I was missing the right moment. About a month ago, I finally found the proper motivation so I went on to install it. As always … there were a few, minor, problems. Thanks to John K. we […]

Starting IRAF takes too looooong

Does it seams that IRAF is getting too much time to start? And if it starts do you see cannot access host ‘iraf.noao.edu:80’ ? If yes, then if you also try iraf.noao.edu then you will notice that it does take too much time to open (if…it opens!). So, in this case the server is down […]

login.cl for IRAF/PyRAF

Without login.cl iraf/pyraf does not work properly. Some commands may execute (like zerocombine, ie the binaries) but when the command will need to retrieve some information (like wavelength calibration/plotting, even shell commands like ls ) it will not respond (see error examples below). IRAF: Select a directory (like user’s home) and “mkiraf” (type it in […]