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The inside of the Perek telescope

Since late March the 2m mirror of the Perek telescope at Ondrejov Observatory has been sent for recoating. This process needs, of course, to disassemble part of the telescope, so internal parts are more visible. We grabbed this opportunity to take some shots of the telescope.

Winter is … here!

Winter-time observations in Ondrejov are bad and good at the same time. ‘Bad’ since the weather can be really nasty (clouds, humidity, rain, snow, …) so you can get nothing all night long or something for a short amount of time (‘spending’ a lot of time just waiting of course). On the other hand they […]

Talk at the AsU Summer Interdepartmental Meeting 2015

Every three months there is a meeting among the departments of the Astronomical Institute. Each director presents some news in short, followed by a talk from a member of that department. At the Summer Interdepartmental Meeting of this year (held on Monday, 1st of June, 2015, in Ondrejov) I was “representing” the Stellar department, talking […]

Ondrejov Observatory with snow

A few weeks ago …