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Selected optical spectral lines

A small (but growing) list of selected (read handy!) optical lines:

element wavelength(Å)
[NeV] 3346
[NeV] 3426
[OII] 3727
[NeIII] 3869
[NeIII] 3967
Hε 3970
[SII] 4072
Hδ 4101
Ca I 4226
Hγ 4340
[OIII] 4363
HeI 4471
HeII 4686
Hβ 4861
[OIII] 4959
[OIII] 5007
[NI] 5199
[FeVII] 5721
[NII] 5755
HeI 5876
[FeVII] 6087
[OI] 6300
[OI] 6364
[FeX] 6375
[NII] 6548
Hα 6563
[NII] 6583
[SII] 6716
[SII] 6731
[ArIII] 7136

More lines: NIST’s atomic spectroscopy & NIST’s molecular spectroscopy databases (thanks to Brian Kloppenborg for pointing to them..!)

Another list of emission lines is found in Drew Chojnowski’s galaxy emission page.