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Installing IRAF/PyRAF from the (Debian) repository directly

IRAF has become lately available through Debian‘s repositories. So I was curious to see how it works. But I was missing the right moment. About a month ago, I finally found the proper motivation so I went on to install it. As always … there were a few, minor, problems. Thanks to John K. we […]

IRAF’s identify error – center not found

During the last few days I have struggled a bit with the wavelength calibration of some long-slit spectra. When using the identify task of IRAF I found that I could select (“m”ark) only some of the lines, without any clear indication why the rest were not recognized (some were indeed stronger but others were equal […]

Workshop on Python and IRAF/PyRAF

Between 12 to 19 of September 2016, we organized the Ondřejov Summer School 2016, which was held at the Stellar Stellar Department of the Astronomical Institute (Czech Academy of Sciences), in Ondřejov. The main aim of the school was to provide students hands-on experience with real observational data, i.e. to understand observations, reduce them, and […]

Issues with IRAF tasks in 64bit machines

I have been working lately with IRAF/daophot with the PyRAF environment in a 32bit machine and everything is smooth except for the fact that it takes many hours to finish the run in each field I examine. As I would like to finish this analysis as soon as possible I opted to use a 64bit […]

Where are the stsdas/synphot template spectra?

After having looked and searched into the whole IRAF/PyRAF directory to point out the directory that contains the template spectra for the stsdas/synphot package it was just a matter of a quick look at the front page of the package to resolve the issue! As it is said: “Since the data files used by synphot […]

Adding environmental variable in Python script

Perhaps looking for this (after importing os): os.environ[“VARIABLE”]=”/path/to/program” This is needed for example to set the jref path in order for multidrizzle package to run through a script.

login.cl for IRAF/PyRAF

Without login.cl iraf/pyraf does not work properly. Some commands may execute (like zerocombine, ie the binaries) but when the command will need to retrieve some information (like wavelength calibration/plotting, even shell commands like ls ) it will not respond (see error examples below). IRAF: Select a directory (like user’s home) and “mkiraf” (type it in […]

Including IRAF tasks in Python scripts

What do you get if you combine IRAF and Python ? Of course something that starts with Py and ends with RAF, PyRAF, which combines IRAF’s tasks with the Python’s command (allowing to create more sophisticated scripts than the cl ones). But in order to implement these abilities in a python script you have to […]