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Tag: software

VStar conflicts with java used

VStar is a multi-platform variable star visualisation and analysis tool, developed under the CitizenSky project and the AAVSO. Its use is straightforward if java is installed. But you should be carefull what java you are using… I tried to use VStar in two different machines running Ubuntu 10.10 64bit and …

Software for variable stars

A not exhaustive list of software suitable for variable stars (e.g. reduction of images, photometry, period search, etc.). 1. IRIS 2. Period04 3. IRAF 4. AIP4WIN 5. Mira 6. MPO Canopus 7. MaxIm DL 8. Peranso 9. C-MuniPack Project 10. VStar on CitizenSky.org, AAVSO, or Sourceforge 11. AVE [added on …